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Electronic Prizes and International Winners Answered

Hi all, (and particularly mods if they're reading),

I'm a fairly new non-US member to the site, and whilst I love that you open up many of your contests to the whole globe, I was wondering what steps you take (if any) to ensure your top prizes prizes such as Xboxes, iPads, tools, kitchenware etc are as accessible to those of us in different countries. This is particularly relevant for games consoles etc where chips can be different, games can be region encoded and TVs may not be able to display NTSC, but it does apply to anything that gets plugged in. Yes, I'm aware of voltage converters and plug adapters, but I've had mixed results with these over the years.

So I was wondering: If one is lucky enough to get such an awesome prize - if there is an option to get the goods from the home country? If so - can this please be added to the standard comp info / rules page? If not, would instructables be willing to look into this, or possibly voucher alternatives against the product?

Many thanks for reading!



7 years ago

Regarding geographical limits (chips etc) that's a very good point, which I hope HQ will take note of.

Regarding vouchers for local purchase, that is unlikely, because contest sponsors are of restricted geographically - for example, the US version of Amazon is actually a different company to the UK version, and they do not honour each others' vouchers.

However, even if a prize is large and heavy, you do not have to pay for carriage yourself.


Reply 7 years ago

Well good, but frankly I'd expect postage to be paid anyway. And it's not much of a sweetener if the actual prize is worthless to me :P

Like you said though, hopefully someone will take notice! And thanks for your reply - I'm a HUGE fan of your work. (And userinfo / philosophy - GO TEAM SCIENCE! ;))