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Electronic curb (kerb) sensor? Answered

My parents are getting older and having problems parking the car in the garage. Not with stopping, but in parking too close to the walls (several bumpers and side mirrors have been damaged). I remember curb feelers from days-of-old, but am wondering if there is an electronic version available? Thanks for any help.


What about using one of those laser line makers. Fix it to the ceiling so it puts a line along the floor at right angles to the garage door above a particular line on the car (bonnet line?) so that the driver and position the car against it. Hope you can understand the logic. Or else a laser pointer mounted in the centre of the windscreen running off the car and then a target put at the wall off the garage to aim for? Alternatively, for a low tec idea, I used to have a tennis ball hanging down from the roof on cord so I knew where to stop. You could hang two down so they matched each side of the windscreen when the car was in the right place.


9 years ago

hmm....maybe painting a line or something so that the tires could follow and belined up reasonably?