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Electronic sleep timer for my car stereo Answered

I live in my campervan and often listen to music before I go to sleep.
I have a Sony CDX-GT470US carstereo and Sony RM-X4S wired remote for it.

here is a schematic for the remote www.panuworld.net/minidisc/fordsony/rm-x2s.gif
It has also a wireless remote so when I am in bed I can turn it off with it unless I have fallen asleep.
Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with the radio still on. This wastes power and might flatten the battery.

So I need some device which attaches into the wired remote parallel to the off switch. Then some type of timer circuit which gives a 2 second pulse to short the contacts to turn off the stereo.

Any ideas appreciated.



8 years ago

That's not a full schematic.
I have a thought that you could modify a clock-work device - e.g. an AA alarm-clock, but you'd have to put up with some "ticking".



Reply 8 years ago

That is the schematic of the Sony remote and by shorting the off switch for 2 seconds the Sony car stereo will turn off.

I thought about one of those ticking egg timers with a micro switch attached just before switch off to provide electric contacts.
But as I bought one I found how annoying is the ticking when listening the radio with low volume.

So it needs to be fully electronic timer.

Some of those 240V AC mains timers have a battery operated clock and display but I have not found any suitable ones yet.