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Electronic touch sensitive panels Answered

I am somewhat new to electronics and want to make a set of touch sensitive panels that light up quickly and dim slower.I plan on puting them right next to each other so that a can drag my finger across them.I was thinking to build a circuit for each panel, That lights an led upon touch, so the parts for the circuit need to be cheaper. I also need an opaque or clear material that you can see an led light up from under and that is conductive. If you've got any ideas then please share them.


There are some nice chips that can handle most of the work for you, but they aren't for beginners.


They need a computer to talk to them, to read the switch settings.


sorry, I assumed when you said they need a computer to talk to them you meant programing. What did you mean? And what would i need to do it?

YOu need the chips and a processor to interrogate them and talk to the light panels, then you need to write code to co-ordinate them. The chips will need configuration data uploading to them, and reading periodically to find out what lights need controlling.


That is not in my skill range, could the circuit on the left side of this website (http://www.555-timer-circuits.com/touch-switch.html) be changed to turn
on the first time you touch it and then turn of the second time you touch it
I want to have to only touch one plate still, other wise I would use the circuit on the righT

Put a J-K flip-flop on the output of the 555. Tie J+K high, put the output of the 555 to the clock pin.


Your almost certainly going to need some kind of processing power (not essentially but it will turn out to be the most productive way to do this)

This will require a steep learning curve - I strongly suggest you read through the PDF files at




Then consider how your going to attack this problem.

Your lack of design and build experience with electronics suggests you should try something simple and build on that say a single LED that you can touch to light and then get it to dim slow;y.

I would prefer not to program that is definitely not my level