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Electronics Basics: where to learn? Answered

 Can anyone recommend a book/website where I might learn the basics of electronics? As basic as possible would be nice. I'm just tired of seeing wonderful things on this website I can't make because I don't understand the first thing about voltage, etc.


You dont need to be an electronics engineer to build some things.  If you learn just a couple things, you can get started. First get a soldering iron and some rosin core solder.  Get the THIN kind of solder not thick. Practice soldering a few wires.  Next, just overcome your fears and try building something simple.  Get a KIT to build from radio shack or ebay.  You will be surprised at what you can do if you give it a start and TRY. I learned electronics by studying books at the library.  My father told me he didn't know anything about it when i was ten years old. so I learned on my own.  YOU HAVE the internet !! what an advantage that is !!!

I always recommend www.allaboutcircuits.com, it's clear and easy to get started with. And it's free.


8 years ago

asking questions here is a good way to learn.

The electronics for dummies book has been most helpful in learning electronics.