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Hi ppl,
I am currently making a variation on this circuit:
I understand how it all works but do not understand the principle of the inductor capacitor used (bottom left), if anyone could give a brief explanation of this (links are good too) and also some formulae i would b e very greatful!!




can u plz expln me

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thanks so much for all the replies! really great!!!!

the inductor cuts out sudden current spikes. like all inductors, a slow sine wave or square wave can pass, however, a massive spike, being a sudden fast pulse, is converted to a very small sine wave. the capacitor does 3 things: smothes the remaining humps, smoothes the sinewave like form generated by the coil and reduces inrush current from starting ic's (CMOS comes to mind)

are you referring to the 68 uH inductor and the 100 uF capacitor ?

It looks like it is used in conjuction with the two types of diodes in that block to smooth out any "rogue" spikes in the power line.

those are the ones! and yeah i know the function of the diodes just not the cap and inductor, thanks!

The capacitor smooths out remaining "bumps" in the signal, as does the inductor, that is why they are with the diodes (in fact, you will see similar configurations, sometimes with a few more caps, in most power supplies of this type).

One more thing I forgot, in case you want to do some research on this: the pair of inductor with a capacitor is called an LC filter, an LC pair or and LC circuit.

the diode is to make it so that cureent flow only one way?

for boost circuits (and buck) the inductors are used to store the current and diliver it back at higher voltages (I think). With buck circuits it might be just cheaper than a capacitor that can operate at that frequency? I don't really no, I just make the circuits from the datasheets, lol

thanks for trying duude at least its something to go on :P