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Electronics Parts Suppliers Answered

I'm curious about where instructables members purchase their electroincs parts. I've played around with electronics since high school, but I've always been in an environment where parts are "free" (aka paid for by others). Now that I'm branching out on my own, I'd like to know the best place to buy parts.

I did a quick comparison of Jameco and Mouser on my blog.


I'd greatly appreciate it if you all could share your thoughts on this.

Thanks so much.


Thanks all for the suggestions. SparkFun is a super cool company. I wrote up a post about their Batch PCB service awhile back.


I'd definitely shop with them too, the lower shipping price is a nice bonus.

In the UK at least, Rapid electronics are not extortionately priced, and offer free delivery on orders over £30. For more commercial purposes a trade account with RS components or Farnell is ideal (or borrow someone elses), but they do have a minimum order of about £15, and parts are frequently only available in packs of 5 or 10.

Oops, and how could I forget the miracle of ebay! If you need mass quantities of a certain basic part (resistors, LEDs, capacitors, etc) then Asia + free shipping is your best buddy in the world.

You have to wait a 1 - 2weeks, but you can't beat the price for many items.

Sparkfun is more expensive, but doesn't have the $7.00 minimum shipping charge like Jameco. Amazon has a surprising, but limited, selection so if you're planning $25 or have Prime it's a good start for some parts.