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Electronics Project Ideas which do not use Microcontrollers Answered

In the past I have used various dev boards(Arduino,RasPi,Intel Edison, Particle Photon,etc) for projects.

I am planning to make a couple of projects which DO NOT require the use of a Microcontroller.

For some reason  I have this mental blockade of innovative ideas which I can implement without using a Microcontroller.

If you have any cool non-microcontroller based project ideas, share them in the comments below & I'll try to make an Instructable out of them. 


How about really old school?
A detector radio with a real crystal comes to mind... ;)

I recently made a basic crystal radio using a SOT-23 packaged schottky diode salvaged from an old PCI RF TV tuner. Vd = 0.25v on multimeter. It was part of a small local switching regulator.


1 year ago

IR tripwire with 555 timer that turns a alarm buzzer on for X seconds very simple project unless I try to do it.

this might be a good topic to research in a (gasp) book. U may find one in an antique store.

This is cool idea! I would suggest to make an robotic creatures that has simple functions and will depends on Integrated circuits.


2 years ago

Go to a thrift shop and find the oldest radio you can, take it apart and try and recreate it.

relay logic.

Most of what I see people do with arduino, etc could be done with 1950s tech.

These days it seems easier to program a thingy to turn a light on than to actually use a switch.
Had a lot of fun in my early years creating sirens, amplifiers and all sorts of blinking and beeping gadgets with a few transistors, resistors and capacitors.

maybe there's still a book on those basic projects .

perhaps what I should say is that what most people do with microcontrollers WAS done with clunky 1930s to 50s tech First. Yeah, it took up more space, but was far more robust in resisting impact, water, static electricity, etc.