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Electronics Question: Double Switch Answered

I figure that this is a simple question, but I have a pretty limited knowledge of electronics. Would it be possible to hook two switches up (in parallel) to an LED, so that if either switch was toggled, the light would go on? I'm almost definitely sure it would, but just wanted to make sure. Thanks!


Ah this brings mack memories (oh, 29-31 years ago) of my Dad's tinkering (and general lack of electrical know how) in his wiring up a pair of 3-ways. Every time he threw the switch, we blew a fuse. they can 4-5 in a box and he used up a box and part of another one before he asked some one for help LOL

Yeah... just hook them up in parallel. (connect the 2" ins" together, and do the same for the 2 "outs")
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If you want either switch to work the LEDs, you need a pair of three-pole switches. The wires that lead to the rest of the circuit are connected to the centre poles of the switches, long lengths of wire connect the outer poles like this:

(in each case ------single wire, switch, two wires, switch, single wire)


Try again:

- - - - - / ======= \ - - - - - - - - On (via the top wire)

- - - - - / ======= / - - - - - - - - Off

- - - - - \ ======= / - - - - - - - - On (via the lower wire)

- - - - - \ ======= \ - - - - - - - - Off

(in each case ------single wire, switch, two wires, switch, single wire)

Thanks, Kiteman. ;-)

You're welcome.

. With your original circuit, you can turn on the light from either position, but once the light is on, you can't turn it off from the other switch. Using Kiteman's circuit (standard way to wire a 3-way house circuit) you have control of the light (on & off) from either switch. Ie, your circuit is a logical OR and Kiteman's an AND.

you mean like how the switches in a hallway work where you can flip one on one end and the light comes on, then flip the other one to turn it off?