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Elevator call button any suggestion for a project? or ideas? Answered

I have a and i was wondering what project i could do with it my 1st thought was a Light switch but it is a momentary contact so it would only turn my light on when I press it...



8 years ago

you could use it for a call buzzer doorbell type thing.... it would also look pretty cool setup as a instant party button (see google)

My vote is for doorbell!

yea... its not super creative though... kings of doing exactly what it was intended to do... it would look awesome.

It might not be original, but lots of people would see it, and it would work - push the button, the doorbell sounds, the light comes on, and then the door opens...

Long ago, I saw an art installation which was a mock elevator. Push button, sound effects of moving elevator start, come to stop, door opens. Step in, door closes. Push button, sound effects of moving elevator run briefly, door opens again. Gee, this exhibit hall looks just like the one downstairs... You could do something similar but without the door or enclosure -- push the elevator button, get elevator-arriving, pause, and departing sound effects. Remember too that you can hook it to additional electronics to get push-on/push off behavior if that's what you prefer. Or to a debouncing circuit and thence to a microcontroller if you wanted to try to recognize sequences of taps and pauses. Personally, I'd say "Neat!" and shelve it until the right idea came to me. Too nice to waste.

that would be really funny... if you have an arduino, you could set something up like the "the guardian twittering robot"

Assuming this is the sort that lights up I have a cool project I've always wanted to try. Wire it up to a light bulb (I was gonna use my hallway light) and when the hall light is off then the switch glows, that way you can find it in the dark. Would require some more complex wiring though.

You could use it as your "on/ off" switch for you computer. You could use it for you reset button on your computer. Hack your mp3 player, iphone, what have you, and make this you rube goldburg on/off switch. there is a relay called (I think) a locking relay. One click turns it on one click turns if off. If you could find one of those you could use it as you light switch. It would be very easy to make one with electronics though. Use it for the starter button in you Porche.