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Elevator or counterweight lift beds Answered

Can anyone reverse engineer and make one of those elevator beds that are made with counter weights? They are becoming popular in Europe.  Ana White made one using garage door but it uses four corners.  The ones in Europe use only one wall or also add the ceiling across for the other end.  I like the one that spaceurc_com has which uses counter weights. BedUp_fr & espace-loggia_com seem a bit more difficult.  I can build a murphy bed, but these are a challenge and I like a challenge but it is too technical for me.
Thanks for your help.


Cool that these old ideas for small spaces are coming back in a modern form :)
Back in my early years we created a set of fold up bed's similar to what you have in the picture.
And as Kiteman pointed out we had to redesign a few times due to the forces on the hinges.
Main factor here was not really the weight of the frame but the matress itself.
We ended up using half a meter of angl iron on the sides and for the horizontal frame to support "bearings" made from tube steel and brass rods.
If you want to lift a bed horizontally and only with mounts on one end it will be really tricky!
Could be the reason for about half of their asking price, the half is the design and materials.
I did some small scale tests with wood and steel bars here to get a pysical feeling of the forces involved - just by hand though to know how much it twists my arms when the pieces get longer and heavier...
Here is what I could come with to counteract the bending forces:
Try to use your phantasy here as I am again too lazy to try a hand drawing that might confuse you more ;)
The bed itself is raised from the floor to allow easy getting in and out - this is your fisrt plus point.
Imagine a big T but sideways please.
The long leg of the T would go into the bed frame to hold it.
The short legs of the T are as long as the bed frame is above floor level.
The short ends are also what is used to connect to the lifting mechanics.
Like that the big load of the bed is spread to two point that are quite far apart.
The top of the T will be pulled off the wall, while the bottom will be pushed into the wall.
The twisting happend where the legs of the T get together and that area needs to be really strong.
To make this movable you need a U-profile as used in steel construction.
With strong enough wheel and of ball bearing for them on the top and bottom of the T you only need to make sure the wheels are mounted so the horizontal part of the T really is horizontal.
With a connecting bar on top of the U-profile you can use counterweigthts between the profiles to go up and down in the middle.
Best thing here is that you can cover it all with a board without wasting much space.
And of course with the right weights you could even use a motor to make it go up and down or some springs and a locking pin to hold it on the floor.....

Downunder35m, are you in Australia or do you want to be. LOL I just finished watching their video that they sent me a link to so I could get an idea of how he did it.

These are the French.

Here is the Bedaway and you can see how simple it looks. Bedaway has counterweights.

One more.


1 year ago

These are images from their website and the one in California. Tried to load them before but they didn't.

Bed-Patul ce se ridică în tavan 1.jpgBedaway lift specs-bedaway-spacesandiego_com 0713.pngBed-Espace-Loggia-mobile-bed.jpgBed-Espace-Loggia-mobile-bed-1.jpg

cool design. I had not run into that one yet. But I think some of them run in the same methodology with pulley systems and weighted pieces and a motor. I'll add that one to my list too.

I just heard back from Germany and they don't have a distributor in the US and the bed costs 14,000 Euros. Add the shipping costs and it's way more than anyone wants to spend. The one in San Diego wants $10,000 plus another $500 to ship it to where I plan to live next month. So, a Murphy bed that I can build still is cheaper. But if I can learn the mechanism, I think it will be fun. Right now I'm planning on building the murphy bed with the sofa that way, since I always stay in my room except to go fetch dinner, I can put the bed up and feel like I'm still in the living room watching TV and playing on my computer. I'm slowly working my way into a tiny home but it's not going to happen any time soon.

But Europe has the coolest designs and ideas. I'm envious. Switzerland even has a fully motorized murphybed. Though a cheesy video and website. LOL

Thank you for your help and the link.


PBIllustratedJan2014-r-767x1024.jpgBredaBeds_com inl1-closed.min_2.jpgBredabeds_com inl1-open.min_2.jpgBredabeds_com inl1-transitioning.min_2.jpg

Elevator bed? Could you add a photo?

I tried to but it would not load so I put the websites instead. I'm trying again. Lookls like maybe this time they will load.