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Eligibility Answered

If we enter more than one instructable, can we only win once, or will each instructable be judged on its own? I have a few more ideas to share, but I want to be clear on the rules.



9 years ago

Im pretty sure you can only win once

Don't worry about it - if your entries have been accepted (looks like) just see what happens. L


9 years ago

Last time I checked it was that you can enter as many i'Bles as you want but you can only win once.

(waits for a more up-to-date member to confirm) :]

I guess I count as a "dated" member, but anyway

I've entered multiple instructables in one contest, statistically increases your chances of winning if they are good, they are all judged individually, but only won one prize, probably for the best of the my entries. But enter all your ideas for the fun of it and to share. Good luck.

. Check the rules for that particular contest. The rules will vary from contest to contest, but most, if not all, of them are one-prize-per-person. Spread the joy, don't hog it all for yourself. :)