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Elmers Glue substitute? Answered

Hi, I have discovered a recipe for Kiddies Slime and it uses Elmers Glue. I have never seen it here. Can anyone advise what I can use as a substitute?



PVA wood glue.

Thank you all! You are awesome!

in case you are still struggling, bostik white glue

You're welcome

What is a good substitute for Elmers Glue?

Your looking for any glue that says PVA on it. Essentially these are designed for Paper and wood gluing. You may also find PVA at a builders supplies - it is used to make plaster and cement more tacky.

Personally I buy a gallon jug of generic PVA glue it works fine with borax. Don't use too much or it goes very stiff.

First, you don't define "here," so you're pretty much on your own. Elmer's is a white glue; go to your local hardware store and ask.

Here as in Pretoria, South Africa. Thank you. Will do.

I've tried making 'Silly Putty' (same type of recipe and ingredients than Slime) with White Ponal Wood Glue, but it didn't work at all. Result was a hard rubbery substance, not putty. I will try out other types of white glue. I've researched a bit on substitutes for Elmer's glue in South Africa, but no luck yet (other than white PVA glue). Would LOVE it if someone found a brand which works well with Borax (it's apparently the PVA and Borax which reacts to make the polymer)