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Email address changed to that of a different user Answered

 I've just tried to turn my email alerts off, so I unticked all boxes and clicked "Update settings". When the page refreshed, all the boxes were still ticked but my email address had changed to that of another user, towelinmonk (www.instructables.com/member/towelinmonk/ ). I'm not sure if this user is actually now receiving my email alerts, but I thought I'd best report it anyway. I've changed it back now, by the way.
As a side note, i've also had to switch to firefox from chrome to post this, chrome wouldn't let me post the topic (Win XP).



8 years ago

We think this bug has been fixed, but since it's not the easiest thing to reproduce, please help us test and post your results back here.


Sorry for the horrifically late response, but I can't replicate the problem anymore, thanks for the fix!


8 years ago

I've encountered this bug myself from time to time.  Can you post exactly the set of actions that you did when this problem occured?  Were you switching between two accounts perhaps?  Logging in and logging out repeatedly?

Thanks, with your help, we'll do our best to get this one fixed.

 My exact actions were as follows:
-Logged into my account for the first time in ~2 months
-Clicked "You" in the top right
-Clicked on the settings tab
-Clicked on "Email Alerts"
-Unticked each box, each field collapsed as I did so
-Clicked "Update Settings", the settings frame then refreshed and another  users email address appears.

The other user's email address wasn't showing in the "Change Email" tab however, so I'd assume they aren't getting my alerts.

It's the same with mine.  Same wrong email also. 

I posted something on this during the last set of changes and nothing ever happened.

Go to "edit profile"
then "email alerts"
then click "update settings".

If you click on the email listed it takes you to "change email" tab.  But at least on mine the email is right in that location.