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Embed 3D models with SketchUp Answered

If you want to share a 3D view of your SketchUp model, you can now use embed code to place it into a webpage. First the model needs to be in the SketchUp 3D Warehouse, but once it's there you scroll to the bottom and select Include > 3D View to get the code.

Here's one of Saint Basil's Cathedral.


wait...we can include HTML in instructables and topics?

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idk....if we can i have a plan for making my own guides :)

view the source of a guide and then copy the html for that and embed it....diy guide.... :)

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Nice but...How do we add this to instructables/topics/comments?

Use a link! A link could take the viewer to the 3D warehouse, and they could view the 3D models from there! I also have a Google SketchUp group (I think it's the only one here), so make sure to check it out!

This can't be used in Instructables or comments. We have to be careful of people putting up nasty stuff in html. I'll see if there's something we can do to allow this code, but it's unlikely to be any time soon.

Then...how did you do it...Are you an admin or something? Also maybe they could do something like after having 2 features i'bles or 2000 comments or something that it would be allowed for them to post html in comments/i'bles/topics.

I am on the Instructables staff and can do this, but it's not for general use. The security risk for this is too big to let it be a common feature.

Hi Dear Fungus :0) Are you one of the Instructables founders? It seems to me that you contribute so much. I am not really computer literate, so I'm not sure what the post is, but your castle looks beautiful.

I'm not one of the founders. I joined the staff in 2007. And thanks, but the castle isn't mine. I was just showing how the 3D version could be embedded.

Nice and the mouse's scroll wheel increases and decreases it's size too...


The K'nexers will love this.
I think...


9 years ago

This is awesome!

This could be quite useful in projects ! Cool