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Embed SWF Answered

A few years ago I did a project that was in the Instructables format. The only thing is that it's a SWF file and I wanted to embed it into my instructable. I've added it to my file library but it will only show up as an attachment. I know I can upload as a slideshow or video, but the project has it's own navigation. The link to the actual content I'd like to put up is here. The only question I really have is if I can embed this swf directly to page 1 of the instructable so that the navigation is intact and still functional. Thanks for any help!


I can embed it for you. Start a forum topic, and I'll put it into the topic.

do I need to host the SWF somewhere else? I can send it to you as an attachment... I don't have a webhost right now. The file exists on my school's server but in a few months they're going to wipe my account since I graduated... Thanks Eric!

Upload the SWF to your image library. Once it's there click on the icon, copy the actual location of the file, and put that URL into a forum topic, then let me know.

You still need to create a forum topic with all the supporting text. Once I embed the SWF, you'll break it if you edit it.

Sorry, this is my first instructable, I don't really know what you mean... you want me to publish it? or provide you with a description on that part of the instructable?or do you want the entire embed html? thanks for helping....

I want you to create a forum topic that has all the next explaining your project. I will then add the embedded flash to that forum topic. As an admin, I can add straight html, but if you edit the topic after I add html, the system will reprocess the post and strip out the html. So, I want you to create and publish a complete forum topic about the project, and leave a line that says, "embedded version goes here." It should be a forum topic, not an Instructable because it does not properly fit our format.

nope... converting to a gif would lose the navigation


10 years ago

I don't think it can show .swf's -If it's an animation can you save it as a .gif? that will(should) work. (;