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Embedded joystick in Laptop Answered

Hey guys :)
On November 22nd I had a bike accident in which I got my left hand caught in my front disc rotor and I lost my ring finger, pinky and top middle finger. I've had my middle finger and pinky reattached, but my pinky is permanently pinned so im getting it off anyways...
Basically i'm an extremely avid biker riding trials, dh, freeride and slopestyle, My other passion is my computers and newly arduino and robotics.
Im new to arduino though and do not have enough experience to take on this project (Plus the amount of morphine i'm on doesnt help either :P   )
Since I have no effective ring or pinky finger I cannot do my excessive gaming on my laptop (As any 16yr old...), For christmas I got a Razer Nostromo allowing me to game again but not very portable as I use and am getting a gaming laptop (Celvo P170EM)

The laptop has 2 hdd bays, so I was thinking about using a PSP joystick in the left alt key space. 
How could I go about connecting it to the motherboard or internal USB? To act as either analog or digital joystick? 
Would this be able to convert into all games as a form of W,S,A,D keys or Arrow Keys?
How expensive would it be?
And what are the chances someone can make this for me and I can simply install it and solder it to the inside usb legs?

Im not sure of how hard it is to build this into the 2.5" hdd bay, I'd prefer not to take up the whole bay and if even be able to keep whatever the minimal chip and wires in a space in the case.
I know this is a lot to ask considering I cant do it myself and I do not have the laptop to say where good spaces are. But I would appreciate any and all help or ideas, thanks :)


This arduino library should help. http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/MouseKeyboard
Sparkfun has a joystick shield that should work at least for prototyping with the arduino.
Then maybe this little guy...https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11187
Each direction could be one of the WSAD or arrow keys....would actually

Yea that could probably be more compatible with all games. Although a joystick with analog is more comfortable with movement of vehicles.
Is there a type of circuit that I can use that would read analog values straight to usb? Or how could I make it extremely small if I need to use an arduino?
Also how would I go about programming it as I do not fully understand the arduino sketch program?

This arduino library should help. http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/MouseKeyboard
Sparkfun also has a joystick shield for the arduino that would work as a prototype.
Then maybe this little really little one. https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11187
Could actually end up fast than pressing the keys. Gather the parts, arduino, shield & the library and you could have a prototype together in under an hour...