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Embedding videos in Step by Step Instructable. Answered

Less than a month ago, I wrote my first instructable, and was able to embed a 10 sec. youtube video into my instructable. Since then, I have not been able to embed such videos because the embed button is no longer there.    The instructions for step-by-step tell you how to do it, but the embed button is not there.  Where did it go and when can I expect it back?  I think these little video's add something to my Instructable and I miss them.


You can work around the missing embed button by using the "Source" button (since you're a Pro member).

Type in the text you want, then copy the (old) embed code from YouTube.

Come back to your instructable, click the "Source" button, and paste the embed code in the location you want.

Click "Source" again, and things return to the usual editing view, but with the video box insterted.

Thanks for this - I was just wanting to post a video and was having a wee bit of panic because I couldn't figure it out. You saved me! Now everyone can watch a very boring video of me kneading. :P

I've got a non-pro member fix, at least it's worked so far.

Copy and paste the old embed code from youtube like above
click on full preview, click on the page that has the video, let the page load, then use your browsers back button. When the edit page loads, it has a red block where the video is. From then on you should be ok. Although you may have to repeat the process if you move edit more.

Chrome  ver. 15.0.874.121

Yes it's a non-pro member loophole work around. 
For the record, I became a pro member after my first post.

GrassHopper's fix doesn't involve the source button, it exploits some loophole in the sequence of preview and back buttons.

me too, I want to embed videos, but the button is gone

Do you remember where the button was previously? Was in on regular Step-by-Step instructables? Where was it located on the edit page?


Yes it was included in the row of buttons at the top of the editor window. Seems to me it was alongside the button for including links.

Got it. I found another forum topic that had an image. Thanks! I've asked the team if there's any updates, we'll see what they say. Unfortunately being 2 days before Thanksgiving, I can make no promises on a quick reply...Sorry.

Noooooooooo!!! Not his Netflix!! (and I must say...I do like the "occupy autodesk" at the end.

Do you just have different sections of this movie cued up and ready to make one of these? I really enjoy them...but you seem to be quite handy at making them.

If you're curious about any of the stuff in the video, let me know and I'll answer it...sadly there was far too much to go into on the whole...and I think the Fuhrer's intel isn't quite what it used to be. I think someone's feeding him some misinformation. ^__^

Thanks for the Video!

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