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Embracing Failure Answered

Some of the best advice I've received was to "fail faster." You want to get the mistakes out of the way, learn from them, and move on as quickly as possible. Don't live in fear of failure as you'll be stuck before you leave the starting gate.

It's been good advice and in the spirit of embracing failure, here's a Fail blog that collects Fail images from all 'round the Internets. Enjoy.

The FAIL Blog

via BoingBoing


heh, never saw this before................

If you had, then maybe your other thread wouldn't have ....*


*Go on, guess the punchline!

well, i joined months after the thread was posted, and i never got into the forums until a few months after i joined, i never would have seen this unless i got a link

I generally search before posting to not have double posts.

well, you kinda lose the habit when you post too many knex gun/personal forums

Close. Well, three of the letters are there, anyway.

LMAO the last one is hilarious.

Edison (not the inventor of the light bulb) said something like:
"I didn't fail. I just found 1000 ways how not to make a lightbulb"

Failure is fun, and it gives you something to look foward to. Sometimes I will work on a project for hours and hours, and fail horribly. But the fun isn't the result, it's the actual making of the project that is fun.


10 years ago

..but you can learn form other peoples mistakes (edit: failures) :)

So I can feel good about how my first solid mechanics test is going to go?


10 years ago

If you don't fail (at least at some things), you're not learning....