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Embroidery Text Ideas -- Get a Free Custom Shirt! Answered

So.... I'm at home for winter break and my mother has acquired this newfangled sewing machine that can do CNC embroidery. I've taught myself how to use it (and now teaching my mom :P) and I want to do an instructable.

Tell me -- what text would you like to see on a T-shirt beyond the word instructables (I have several patches already :P)? Add it to my list below and I'll pick out a few ;)

If the house is quiet enough (family of 6 et. al.) - I can probably take video of the process (from how to make a bobbin --> set the top thread --> fabric stabilizers --> needle selection etc.) and post it. I know it is a bit specialized to the machine -- but from what I found at the quilt shop... There's a lot of people that own the machine and don't know how to use it...

Running List

#Stercus fit (Translated from Latin: Shit Happens) <-- my girlfriend wants this :D
#Jag Lik Bananerna (From Swedish: I like Bananas)
#I Do My Own instructables
#This T-Shirt Is Now Void

If I like your post -- I'll make a second T-shirt for you. So post your T size with your submission. You can eMail me if you don't want to post your T size ;) Be aware - I'm learning through use. So there might be minor defects. Post soon because I won't be home very long.


what machine is it? dunno about any phrases. I'd be more interested in making a design.

Bernina Artista 200

The reason why I say text is.... well, its an additional $2000 to buy the software to digitize/create a design from scratch... My parents are waiting for the next software revision to be released -- then the older version should be much cheaper (hopefully).

$2000!?! Holy crap, I hope it can read your face and then embroider it onto the shirt so that people know it's really yours.

I forgot to say a phrase. Here's one:

"I'm much funnier in person."

shirt size = medium.

For more of a programming flair on the last one:

"shirt.size == medium"

There are 10 kinds of people... Those that use binary and those that don't... 2008 Already Sucks! I'm hung like Einstein and smart as a horse!

The first one rocks, I couldn’t stop laughing!
Mine aren’t as original. I'm just throwing ideas

I Never Finish Anyth

There's no place like

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got root?

Hello World!

I blogged your girlfriend

So... about 10 people voted (plus a 8yr old :P). And here's a sneak peak :D

The bad news is, I have been experimenting with a different material. It's more stretchy and lightweight and there's some defects (stretch marks from my experimentation).

First picture: voted text - orange shirt with blue thread
Second: "I Do My Own instructables" - green shirt with orange thread
Third: Bananerna - Navy shirt with eye bleeding bright yellow thread

Not pictured: Stercus fit - teal shirt with a blueish turquoise thread
Oh yeah... that first shirt is orange -- the light makes it look pinkish :P


Does the software allow you to use any font? If so, have you considered creating your own font that would construct graphic designs?


11 years ago

I don't have any quotes.. but I had a little eureka moment... Could you use conductive thread with it, and sew out printed circuit boards.. that would be really neat!

I'd need that digitizing software (2 grand retail) -- but yes, that seems reasonable and a really cool project :P

" If you bothered to take the time to read this shirt, that is sad. " " Why am I out in public when I could be programming [(blogging)] " I'll try to think of more...

Yes, that would be a better way of claiming my own clothing rather than sweating profusely on them. Now I need an embosser with my face and, ooh, some patches. I will be on everything!