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Emco Capacitance Meter (o-o-o-ld) Answered

I have an older capacitance meter made by Emco. Just checked it today. It appears to work ok when I attached the alligator clips to a 2000mF capacitor it made some numbers come up.(I don't know how to read one).

It's old, like from the 70s. Takes a 9v battery.

Pics tomorrow if anyone is interested.


Hmm well what kind of prices are we talkin here

It's listed for $20 right now. I forgot to add the price to my ad here :S I can quote you shipping if you give me your zipcode. If you live near Kent, WA you can come get it as well.

lol. What's "kind of?" Here are a few pics, they kind of suck, but it gets the point across I think.