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Emergency Dash Light - Repair Answered

Hello All - I am attempting to repair an Emergency Dash Light for a friend of mine.  It has blue LED lights it is similar to the one pictured in this link:    http://www.1topstore.com/product_info.php?language=en&currency=USD&products_id=11981 

Initially the unit had all 4 LEDs burned out I fond a source for them and replaced same all worked fine.  After reassembling the unit I discovered in final test that the controlling chip went bad.  I think the chip is a EEPROM at least the package is a DIP-8.  The device has a function select push button and there are 4 flashing formats; wig-wag, flash twice wig-wag, all steady on; all on flash. 

Any suggestions? 


. Look for a part number printed on top of the DIP chip. Plug that number into Google. You may be able to buy a replacement.

Unfortunately the manufacturer of the device has buffed the number off. I did check on the bottom however the 2 numbers there do not cross to anything. Any suggestions?

The circuit board in the unit has the numbers HS-51055SRY on it I tried a Google on it and got nothing. Is it possible to use an EEPROM and use the outputs to signal 2 switching transistors directly? This is the first time I have ever seen this.

.  An EEPROM is a memory chip, not a logic chip.
.  You should be able to do this with some simple logic chips, but others will have to tell you how (or if it's really possible).
.  I'd buy a new unit and salvage the LEDs and other parts from the old one. Repairing it will probably end up costing as much as a new one.