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Eminem v.s Lil' Wayne Answered

For all of those rap fans out there, I want to know which one of these you prefer; Eminem or Lil' Wayne? Both of them are really popular, but I want to see what the Instructables community thinks of them.

I personally would go for Eminem.


Eminem is always going to be a million gazillion times better than Lil' Wayne. He's better lyrically and he doesn't hurt my eyes when I look at him!

I dont see what people see in Wayne's music. Its all repetitive and about the same thing. None of it holds weight either. Eminem songs have true meaning, and things that people can relate to.

Wayne? Ehhh... not so much!

i know that it is asking who do you prefer but i woul give it a good 50/50

and im sure alot of you agree i mean sure eminem means something (exampels when im gone)

but lil waynes all about power and livin life if you like this post type 12345

its DEFINITELY Eminem.......Lil Wayne doesn't come into d picture.
Eminem's lyrics really mean something (course u need d brains 2 understand what he says),and when u listen 2 his songs,somehow u just connect 2 them and find a part of yourself in them.But mayb im just saying this coz Im a huge Stan myself.......
BTW, "How to Love" is an amazing song by Lil Wayne,mayb d only one,but its a legend in itself,and I cant deny that.

hahaha, you serious?


Eminem any day. He's been through so much and has a reason to rap. Lil Wayne just puts together random words for the heck of it.


eminem always proves hes the better one


8 years ago

eminem deffinatly because eminem raps about real life, unlike lil wanye

I'm a fan of allmost every musical flow (except the really annoying ones) But I would go for Eminem. I can't explain it other then he has better lyrics and Lil' Wayne just seems like the guy that if he would come in something they always rap about he would be running away scared screaming for his mommy...