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Emotiv Mind Control? Answered

I saw on BBC tech news of a mind control headset made by Emotiv which claims to be a way of controlling on a computer using your mind.

The technology has been used for years in helping severely disabled people communicate but this seems to be one of the first times that this technology has gone mainstream.

But the question is: Is this just a novelty item?
And more importantly: Will I be able to play anything on it other than that Myst-like demo that they supply?

And if this product is really going to hail the end of the gamepad then what will YOU use it for?

Released next year!
[Here's the link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/7254078.stm]


Fixed link

It does seem to be an interesting piece of kit, but I am mildly annoyed that its first use is in gaming, when so many disabled people could make such productive use of the technology.

How many quadriplegics could regain control over their immediate environment with a headset like this?

Imagine how fuller life could be for a sufferer of Parkinson's. Imagine how much more Stephen Hawking would have achieved by now.

And people are playing games with it!(disgusted snort)

Well, now that you say, this technology is already being used in disabled people. Its only now that its cheap enough for most people to use.

. But games are where the money is - I'll guess the market is at least two, and maybe three, orders of magnitude greater. Hopefully games will do the same for these gadgets that adult movies did for VCRs. ;)

Hopefully the trend will be that the devices make enough money in the gaming industry to further induce the usefulness in more productive and sane areas (and maybe the prices per unit will come down enough to make this even more possible). . . We can always hope...

Was this stuff not used for that beforehand? Granted a mainstream headset would allow for some much more accesibility and it would allow quadriplegics the ability to interact with their environment so much better and I'm willing to bit it wouldn't be hard to rig up a wheelchair controlled by one of these...

This sort of stuff has been talked about for years, and prototypes surface occasionally, but this is the first mass-produced version.

I would like to see Emotiv actually donating hardware and programming expertise to turn the headset into something more than a glorified joystick.

Well as a glorified joystick that's perfect for those which have trouble with the use of electric wheel chairs, also the expression bits could be used as a way of controlling other functions...

Isn't this somewhat similar to what Steven Hawking *fanfare music* uses?

The computer system attached to his wheelchair is operated by Hawking via an infra-red 'blink switch' clipped onto his glasses. By scrunching his right cheek up, he is able to talk, compose speeches and research papers, browse the World Wide Web, and write e-mails. The system also uses radio transmission to provide control over doors in his home and office.

Hawking receives a new computer every 18-24 months donated by Intel. One such computer was donated in April of 2005 and is based on the Centrino chipset. It consists of two pieces, a rear chassis which houses 3 160 watt hour batteries and various external peripherals, and a front chassis, which houses a Tablet-PC and the speakers which project his hardware-synthesized voice. The two chassis are connected via a custom-designed umbilical cable which allows power and electrical signals to travel back and forth. Hawking’s computer can run for up to 16 hours without needing a recharge.

The computer utilizes a wireless data card that runs on mobile phone networks. This allows Hawking to check his email and browse the web while away from a wireless LAN. Hawking can also make and receive voice phone calls via a mobile phone with an external microphone in front of his computer speakers.]


10 years ago

It will NEVER be on my head.

It's an output device, not an input device...

Either way, my brains are fried enough. xD