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Enclosure for LED bar graph Answered

I just bought an LED bar graph for my project. I'm looking for an enclosure that I can install this bar graph. Are there any vendors or services where you can specify precut holes or am I restricted to a DIY with saws and drills?



Unless you're making a large number of these things, I think cutting a rectangle-shaped hole in an existing plastic box is the way to go.

I have found that needle files, e.g. something like these,


work well for finishing funny-shaped holes in plastic cases, by hand. The square-shaped file works well for doing the corners.

Of course you start the rectangle, take out the bulk of it, with drilled holes. Then use the needle files to clean up the edges, and make a neat rectangle-shaped hole.

I do plan to make hundreds of them actually.

For this it might be better to check for an enclosure that is big enough for the panel and whateve else you need in there.

Get a little hand operated press and make a punch block for your panel.
E.g: A quare steel block to hold the enclosure and has the hole for the panel in the right spot.

On the arm of the press you have a quare punch that should provide a perfect fit into the hole in the steel block.
The result is a very clean cut and perfect fit every time.
It will take some efford to make to block and punch, but well worth it for a small series.
If you are talking about more than 2000 it might be worth to contact a supplier in asia to make you a batch.
Depends how cheap you can get an enclosure locally for manual punching, time spend on it and if you would need additional srew mounts.

Wow! So you're going to make a whole bunch of 'em. I dunno. Maybe use somebody like,


I've never used them, or any other custom part maker. I found them via a Google(r) search just now for "custom cutting milling fabrication". So such places exist, but I don't have a lot experience with them.

If you already post an Ebay ad, why not ask the seller for a suitable enclosure?

Usually things like that go into designed enclosures that hold an amplifier or similar.