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Energy to matter? Answered

                One of my friends recently talked to me.  The first thing he said was, "Energy to matter."  He said it in the way he talks when we're planning on building something dangerous, unlikely to work, and quite possibly FBI watchlist-worthy. Though I know it's been looked into before, this got me thinking:  does anyone have any ideas on practical applications of the equivalency between energy and matter?  (aside from the atomic bomb--e.g.  Fabricators that carry hundreds of products' worth of materials in a small, energy-dense source, like a battery?)


It's funny you should utter the phrase or more correctly write that phrase "energy to matter".

I believe that it is the basis of ALL existence.

If you for a moment and for the discussion rule that there is not GOD (but there really is this is just for the discussion).

Then where did this all come from.  I'm not going to accept the twisted theories and maths from the astrophysicists.  But when there was nothing where did all this matter come from?

It had to come from pure energy.  So much energy that it is the actual definition of infinite.

That energy must have coalesced and become the matter that we have today.

Think about how much energy it would take to make just one pound of matter.  Any matter you choose.  Tremendous amounts of energy.  Compared to the energy released by all the atomic bombs in the universe they would be just one molecule in the universe to the energy of the beginning.

Not what was your original question?  Oh yes.  Practical applications of all that energy in matter.  Well the nuclear reactor comes to mind right off.  The Mr. Fusion will be one of the better inventions of this century.  Right after the universal cancer cure.

P.S. There really is a GOD so all of this conjecture is a "cow's opinion".

actually the energy use for fusion is just to smash particles together to create energy. And also there was also matter as the big bang states that all matter and energy was condensed into an infinetly small point.

But your god thing bugs me. You state as if it's fact yet there is not one single drop of evidence. If you say the bible is I could say Harry Potter is evidence for wizards and Voldermort. But you also say that atheism is a cowards route when it is vice versa.

Atheists accept that they have (for example) murdered someone and will feel guilty for the rest of their lives.

Christians however think that if they believe in a God it is no longer their fault because Jesus died for their sins, and will feel OK.

You have not researched the Big bang or fusion enough in order to be a scientific viewpoint. It is like howhow Erwin Goodwin nearly made it to where pi was 3.2 even though it was 3.141593 and one mathematician stopped him before pi was changed to 3.2

Converting energy to matter in a controllable manner is not really practical, especially the idea of a universal fabricator with a compact battery pack or power source.  A single gram of matter is equivalent to the energy of 21.481 kilotons of TNT.  To put it another way, you would need something on the order of 1.2 billion alkaline D cell batteries to provide the same amount of energy (assuming my research and quick calculations are correct).

The fact that energy and matter are convertible does hint at a solution.  The “battery” could be a device that would convert a dense mass of matter (lead, uranium, etc.) to energy to power the fabricator that would create the desired elements and assemble something according to a pattern.  Efficiency would be critical in operating the device, since losing with even a small fraction of the energy involved to waste heat would create a rather large mess.