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Energy underneath your house? Answered

Hi all!

I've being thinking on how to get off grid for a while now, in the first stage to use solar power to get the energy bills go down and in second place to get my stamp on earths energy consumption, using my house in a greener way.
So solar energy and wind energy are on my mind, but recently i started to think about more possibilities.
Like using my crawlspace to work for me.
Maybe its posible to make a wind turbine underneath the house, or use the constant temperature to cool my house during summer.

I've seen plans on the internet ( and cant find them anymore... ) about using a sort off vacuum chamber that has a constand wind flow comming in, trough a system of pipes that drive a wind turbine inside.
The idea is that, because of the vacuum effect, you need only a small gust of wind to power the turbine.
Where i live theres always wind, sometime a little, sometimes waaay to much.

The crawlspace i have isnt that high, about 50CM in hight, and during the Fall and Winter months theres a high level of water, about 25CM.
Durring summer its mostly muddy sand, so there's stil a lot off cool water trapt in there.

So about the idea on cooling my house, how about a water cooling system that runs trough the house?

How would you guys make such systems, have you already tryed this out, and are there some enthousiastic folks out there willing to go all the way and show these idea's are doable, so everyone can make it???

Hope to hear from you soon ;-)




6 years ago

I could on my property bury loop of pipe of a 1/4 mile I had always hoped to bury one at 8 feet for simple geothermal to help heat, and cool the home before using energy to bring it to a comfortable level. Not sure when I'll acomplish that.

I think I'd be more concerned about mold growth and rot damage under the house than energy production. Before you do anything under there you need to address the moisture problem.

On your idea, before investing a lot of time and money into it you'd need to get accurate measurements of how much wind you'd be dealing with. A wind speed gauge would be able to answer that question. From your description it sounds like you are trying to use the Venturi effect to drive the wind generator. You might be able to find your missing plans if you add "venturi" to your search. Good luck.

True about the mold, but that problem has bin adressed.
The concrete was covered whit a foam coating to repell water, also its infused with a mold reducing substance.
Dont know the technical aspects, but it does the job quiet good.

Venturi generators are pretty neat, i've looked it up and i believe those types are a good option to look furter into.
So thanks for the tip.


6 years ago

You'd be better served by using the crawl space to house insulated thermal wells.

Making the crawl space into a sterling engine could work, but you'd have to make the space pretty much air tight and extremely well insulated.

Weighing the cost and difficulty in doing that versus setting up a thermal reserve is what should dictate whether you go for it or not.

Hmmm, sterling engine. Havent tought about that aproache before.

It would be a great idea if you had a massive crawlspace where you could walk in. Only, my crawlspace is less than 60CM in heigt.
Also, im not sure on how big the engine would have to be in total.
Lets say, it has to support a 3 headed family household thats gone completely off-grid.

Difficulty is what comes with trieing to progress. If you don't succeed at first, try and try again ;-)


The design would be constrained by the space you have to work with. The height of 60 cm isn't the only thing that matters. width and length are important.

Forgive my ignorance, but what is a Sterling engine?

A sterling engine is a motor that runs off of the thermal expansion and contraction of a gas. In this context, it's the thermal expansion and contraction in a sealed space meant to drive a piston.