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Engagement ring. i need help. Can you give advice? Answered

I want to buy an engagement ring with an alexandrite stone... i want it to be as graceful and fancy as possible while sticking within the 300$ range. Help would be appreciated.


You can score a ring closse to your budget by following these tips. They're really useful. It's not just on how to buy diamonds, it's about how choosing the carat and kind of metal also affects the cost http://www.brilliance.com/diamond-buying-tips-infograph

I would go with diamonds unless that is not what your future fiancée wants(she had to tell you herself) i would also suggest looking into uping your price-range just because you are not going to find a ring the way you want it for 300$ unless you find a serious steal

You know, i really would, and i really wish i could, but I have no money... And she specifically tells me she doesn't want diamonds... Also, we aren't exactly the most traditional partners, so we pave our own way.

silly me!
i just saw the date of your post, now sad that it's not January 2012. lol!
I suppose you are happily married already? =)
hope my advice might be of any help to someone else

Okay well since she has told you she doesnt want diamonds. Has she told you what stone she wants? I mean you mentioned alexandrite but maybe there is a cheaper type of stone or maybe you give her a cheap ring and say this is only temporary I will get you the one you want when I can afford it.

See if you can find something on your side of the pond like we have, somewhere you can each make the other's rings. My wife and I did that, it was a great thing to do as a couple.


I think I might be helpful here =)
My friend Lilie is crazy about Celtic culture and she got one of those engagement rings like these in the picture I attach. I asked her, Bboyd (her  boyfriend) bought it from celtic wedding rings site (www.celtic-weddingrings.com). They have beautiful designs and make rings in Ireland (shipped worldwide).

As for you the price does matter, have a look at the rings in sterling silver - it costs up tp $100 , other metals are more expensive.
June Celtic Ring with Alexandrite , for example

If your girl is an unordinary person she may like claddagh style rings that are symbolic of love, loyalty, friendship, fidelity and a proud Irish heritage: there is even with Alexandrite: June Claddagh Ring

I hope this helps you and your gf would be very excited to have you proposed! Good luck!


Being so specific implies that your fiance (to be) has asked for this, otherwise you may be thinking of what you want and not she.
I have looked on Ebay and your price range is very low, however it might be possible. I agree Alexandrite is a beautiful Gem Stone. Does your lady think so ?

If she would prefer a Diamond you may be starting off with a wimper, not a bang. (So to speak.) Best of luck and good wishes to you both.

Actually, its her birthstone, i just know her really well... trust me. i made sure she was the "one" before thinking about this... I'm pretty poor, and i just wanna give her the best i can, emotionally and materialistically....
And on our one-month dating anniversary, I bought her a pair of alexandrite earrings, and anybody with eyes can tell it's her favorite stone.

What a beautiful sentiment. Then Alexandrite is it. I hav'nt found a source I'm afraid but. Another idea is...... Go to a lapidopterist club (I think that's what gem enthusiasts call themselves) and ask their advice or even search out a terrific stone for (all) you can afford right now and have it set later. I would think they might be an excellent resource because they often find gem-stones and want them set.

I hope you find what you want and may I wish the best for you and your Special -One.

Thank you, kind miss. It means a lot.

I assume you are a guy. Forget what you want and ask her what she wants. Talk it over with her about what you like, but let her make the final decision because she will have to look at that ring for the REST OF HER LIFE. You dont want her having memories of "This is the ring HE picked out... not the one I wanted!"

I've taken this into account. If you read the replies i've made so far, you'd understand... Please do. I dont want people thinking i'm trying to take total control in this relationship, because I am DEFINITELY not.

My grandmother had a rather nice alexandrite in gold ring- try second-hand jewelers. Fashions change...


I'm definitely thinking about it. Thanks Lemonie, for helping answer all my questions, even if they arent the most interesting.

Yes, they don't say diamonds are a girl's best friend for nothing.


1. Diamonds are the traditional engagement stone. Is she or he a traditional type person? If so they might be expecting a diamond.

2. Good stones are as expensive as diamond so you may not be able to save any money that way.

3. Unfortunately $300 probably won't get you a custom ring. You'll have to do lots of searching and try to find a special bargain.

1. She is NOT traditional.

2. I'm not trying to save money, I wanna go all-out as much as i can on my meager salary.

3. I know... That's why i asked all of you amazing people :)

Oh, and if you decide to go the lab created route, MAKE CERTAIN that she is OK with it.

Jewelry making is a hobby of mine, as is picking up loose stones for setting.
Quality alexandrite can be very costly. I would be very careful buying from ebay unless you are certain that the stones are real.

Have you considered lab created stones? They are flawless, low in cost, but have no intrinsic value, which is something that "real" mined stones have. A problem with lab created alexandrite is that the color change that the natural stone is known for is not very well reproduced in the synthetic varieties.

If you go the lab created route, make sure that you are getting lab created alexandrite and not simulated alexandrite. This goes for any stone, because simulants and simulated stones are mostly CZ. CZ is a nice hard stone, but it tends to look, well, fake.

I have been happy with these stores as sources for stones, especially lab created stones in the past. Make sure you have lots of time for shipping.

On ebay, I have had good luck with the http://stores.ebay.com/bangkokgems store, mainly with star sapphires, which are hard to get stateside, but I would be willing to buy alexandrite from them.

If you want to pick out a setting and set the stone yourself, try Tripps. http://www.tripps.com/

They have some great designs, in silver, white and yellow gold. I use them almost exclusively for settings. get a couple cheap silver earrings and some cheap stones, maybe lab created sapphires, and make her a gift as practice before you go for a one off special item.