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Engraving a knife? Answered

 I recently bought a my first multi tool (leather man juice) and was wondering how after the fact I could get it engraved. I do not have an engraver nor do I know any friend who have one. Is there any place I could go to have it done? 

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Best Answer 8 years ago

Two ways, if you want a decorative engraving take it to a trophy shop. They'll usually do it for a small fee. If you just want to engrave an ID on it, go to one of the big box hardware stores and buy one of those buzzy type engravers for around $10 U.S.

 For the engraving your self, could you use a dremmel with a tip?

Not really, the Dremel is a rotary tool and it will grind straight lines but curves, not so much. The engraver has a carbide point that vibrates vertically (much like a tattoo artist's inker)  punching tiny dents in the metal and you can do a decent job with it.

Cool Thank you for your help. I was realy confused.

get another knife and do it yourself