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Enter Instructopedia! Answered

Ever had a useful tip, trick, or other useful bit of information you've always wanted to pass on but never have? Something to small to make an ible on? Then welcome to Instructopedia, the instructable for everything you'll ever need to know. Join the group Instructopedia and I'll add you as a Collaborator so you can add to and edit Instructopedia at will. Or just post a comment with the tip/handy tidbit and I'll add it. Information is sorted into category (art, craft, etc...) and then what sort of information it is (a tip, something you can make (gadget), or useful information). Once theres a decent amount of information added I'll publish it.
Have fun!


there's a lot of talented people here. Maybe some day some will make an actual wikipedia-like site. I've seen hundreds of em. Just a matter of time

Maybe, but I'd prefer to keep it within Ibles, make things simple.

I've got some art tips I can add, I can' t now, but later.


10 years ago

I joined! I like guyfrom7up's idea about the Wikipedia format.

As do I, I'm going to try to make it similar but not a direct plagiarisms.

There ought to be a free Wiki-site format around somewhere. Just curious - if 2015 is your college graduation year, that must mean you are currently a freshman (15)?

Ay, entering *gropes for right word* Sophmore this year. I kinda wanted to keep this "Instructopedia" within Ibles, so unless the Gods of Instructables smile upon me and set up something, it'll have to stay within an ible.

why not pm eric, it could be under a new search section? I couldn't find any wiki thing without it being editted by anyone, and that could be terriable.

There are quite a lot of wiki copies I keep meaning to look into them, it could even have a dictionary or index of terms suc as 'ible and other stuff, even members and various things that have come to popularity around the site.

Hopefully this does not go down the path of other Utopias. ;)

*Dreams of a wonderful beach, full of DIY crap and beautiful girls in bikinis...*
Close enough to heaven for me!

do it yourself combined with undo it yourself. :-)

So... You're putting these tips together in Instructable format? A step for each classification, full of hints?

Yup, there's just to many useful bits of info floating around that aren't big enough on there own to be an Ible that could be shared in this manner.


  • When drilling into tiles, stick a piece of masking tape across the point you intend to drill. This reduces the risk of skidding and scratching the tile.
  • When drilling to a specific depth, measure that depth on your drill-bit, and then wrap a piece of masking tap around the bit at that point. Stop drilling when the tape reaches the wall.
  • Tie your chuck-key to your drill's power cable so that you don't lose it. About two feet from the drill allows you to use the key without untying it.

(Guess who put some bathroom fitting up this evening?)

Gah!! Add 'em yourself (under home, tips)!!

To what? There's no 'ible to add to, yet.

Your a collaborator currently, you should be able to.

If I knew the url of the unpublished Instructable...

I thought drills were pretty much chuckless now... apart from pillar drills.

Well, a slight mix-up:

keyless chuck. =P

Ok, just wanted to make sure I understood you properly :-)

ooh ooh it was you wasn't it!
  • sorry childish moment.

Tie your chuck-key to your drill's power cable so that you don't lose it. About two feet from the drill allows you to use the key without untying it. Agreed: except for me, being extra cautious, I tied it about a foot away from the "plug" end, so as not to use the key without reminding myself to unplug first. Nothing like accidentally squeezing the drill's trigger, with the chuck key in...especially if it hasn't been "loosened" yet.

Oh, the plug end - that's a better idea.

oh and you should check each user to see if they have any instructables yet. (and if they are not hoax) so people cannot stuff the i'ble up for the heck of it.

Yah, I'm only gonna add "reputable" members.

OOh! I'll join! :D

actually, wouldn't a giant wiki database for this sort of thing be better, you know as an encyclopedia... Like a wiki group... Searchable...

Your to add tags off what is added as you go. But yah, your right.

I'm looking into trying to start a wiki thing for this, but I have to go to piano lessons right now...

sweet, joining right now make sure to be careful who you invite, don't invite a person that would delete everything.