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Entering contest late and wondering about votes Answered

I am new to entering contests. I just entered the Halloween costume contest. It has been going for a year and closes in a week. Obviously people who entered earlier are going to have many more votes than I will. I am wondering how much the votes you receive has to do with becoming a finalist. 


Oops. It really is crazy that more people don't realize that stipulation is in the rules and that it's even there in the first place. Even presidential candidates get to vote for themselves.

About half the finalists are selected on votes.

The rest are selected directly by site staff and/or contest sponsors, mainly to give cool-but-late entries a fair crack of the whip, but sometimes partly to satisfy and conditions set out by the sponsor.

Actually, it's against the rules to vote for your own ible. However, staff has weighed in on it in the past, and while I couldn't find where it was discussed at length, it seems they don't enforce that rule. You are only one vote, after all. It's not likely to have an effect on the outcome. However, voting for your own ible gives them means to disqualify you.


Thanks for the info, that answers my question perfectly.