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Entering more than 3 contests Answered

I know that an Instructable can enter only in 3 contests, but in the Instructable page of my project I see that I can enter even in more contests... Is it a bug or what? How can I remove my project from a contest? I don't want to risk to been excluded for every one of them...

The Instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/Wireless-Controlled-Robotic-Hand/

Operating System: Windows 8.1
Browser: Mozilla Firefox


I'm also wondering about this (I figure I can just ask here instead of making a whole new thread for an identical question). I think my question may explain what's going on here...

Can an Instructable be entered in more than three contests if no more than three of those contests have the same sponsor?

For example, can I enter one Instructable into the Green Design, Wheels, Home Technology, and Battery Powered contests? The rules state that a single Instructable may not be entered into more than three contests with the same sponsor. Since all four of these contests have different sponsors, I would not be violating any rules. Is this correct?

I'm thinking this may be why you were able to select a fourth contest to enter.

Officially, you can only enter three contests with a single project, no matter what the contests are, or who the sponsors are. This isn't a sponsor rule, it's a site rule.

However, since it is so rare for a project to qualify for more than three open contests at once, it was not worth the effort of writing code to automatically limit entries. That means it is checked by humans, but there are so many entries to so many contests, it is only worth the effort of checking entries manually at the finalist level. If a project is good enough to reach several finals, that us the point where action is taken.

Thanks for your reply! It looks like I didn't read the definition of "Sponsor" carefully enough.

That list is for you to select from. The system cannot tell what your project is about, so it just shows you all the open contests you might be able to enter.

Yes, but when I created my Instructable it said I could enter only 3 contests, and I couldn't select more in that page. Then when the Instructable page was ready, I saw that I could choose even other contests, so now my project is in 4 contests...

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