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Entire Safari Library of 8,000 Technical Books on line !for free! for California Residents - free scanner too Answered

I just found out the San Francisco Public Library sfpl.org has the entire Safari Library on line for free, for anyone with a San Francisco Library card.

That's 8,000!!!! technical books. They have the entire O'Reilly library. Anyone living in California can get a library card. (Since The Best of Instructables is an O'Reilly book it's also in the Safari Library, but you know you want your own copy!)

If you don't live in California, check your local library's website, and see what they offer online. SF also has many eBooks, and books on tape on line for free.

I also discovered they have a scanner by the Microfiche in the Main/Civic Center branch (I don't know about other branches), that will eMail microfiche/microfilm pages to you for free. It has a regular scanner also, so you can scan a book, or magazine page, and email it to yourself - for free - no need to pay for copies. The scanner has a USB slot, so you can just save the scans to a USB stick instead of emailing them. It's on the same floor as the Magazines.

I don't know what other libraries are doing but SF has a huge amount of stuff available online.


My local library is part of something called Netlibrary, I've never used the service, but you are only allowed to check out an e book for 4 HOURS, I have no idea if that's just an administrative thing, or if there is actual DRM in he books, but since you can't set up an account without visiting the library, I just can't be bothered.

Strangely my library's home page has a section on how to access the library if you don't have internet access ~groan~


9 years ago

Looks like they froze the issuance of elibrary cards. Anyone know of similar resources?

That's too bad. It's an incredible resource so I'm sure they have to think of the budget and make sure they don't start issuing numbers to out of state folks.

:(:(:( Anyone in CA wanna give up their library card number? >panhandles< Spare library card number? Library card number for the poor? Help a sister out! Spare a library card number, kind sir?

can someone repost them somewhere else? *also panhandles for card*