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Entries won't rotate to where my entry is....for Dadcando Contest. Answered

Hey, I'm sorry I am posting this here, but I don't know where else to put it.  Is anyone else having trouble making the pages for the dadcando contest rotate - ie from 1-20 to 21-40?  I cannot make the pages go farther than the 1st or second page....I was justs trying to see where mine was.  Thank you!  :)


Sounds like it just might be the IE8, because that is what I have at home (With Windows XP), however at my work we use Firefox/Windows 7. Thanks everybody! :)

I've got the same issue using Win7/IE8, but switching to Firefox 3.6.3 takes care of it. IE bites us yet again.

I tried to repeat what you described, it works fine for me. Windows XP Pro and Firefox 3.6.3

It might just be some strange glitch for my computer at home. I went and tried at work later, and it worked for me too, however, I just tried it here at home and it did the same thing again. Thank you for checking for me. :)

Please can you post your operating system and browser versions too please? It should help HQ to repeat the problem and fix it if necessary.

Hi, it was exactly the same for me, I couldn't get past the second page of entries. I usually use IE8 on Windows Vista. However I loaded the page in Google Chrome and it works fine, so it may be IE8, what a shame. I hope it gets sorted soon, otherwise many entries may be missed. cheers Joey