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Epilog Challenge: coming soon! Answered

Psst - want to win a laser cutter?

UPDATE: The Epilog Challenge has begun! Click here for details.

We know you do, so we've teamed up with the fantastic people at Epilog Laser to bring you the Epilog Challenge: to make an awesome project with a green twist!

The most incredible project will win an Epilog laser, and runners-up will get the next-best thing: use of a laser cutter, from our friends at Ponoko! Laser cutters are absolutely incredible tools - the sky (or your imagination) is the limit to what you can make.

Now a peek at some details from the contest page:
What's a green twist? In honor of environmentally-friendly design and our Green Theme for 2009, we want to see at least some clearly-described green component in the design, no matter how small. Simply explain some way your design is energy-efficient, reuses materials, or is helpful to the environment in some way. It doesn't have to be the primary theme for your project - we just want to encourage green thinking at all stages of a project, no matter how small. Whether you've picked LEDs over incandescent lights, made maximally efficient use of scarce resources, or dumpster-dived for materials, we want to hear about the little steps that contribute to permanent changes in behavior.

So, inspired yet? Start thinking and building now, since the contest launches next week!


Yes! Now I will build my laser cutter project I've been planning on! ...wait a sec, that kind of ruins the point, doesn't it? Alright, I'll make my helicopter in a briefcase idea!

Well, I was just trying to think of the coolest thing I could. And I was thinking jetpack, but it could be difficult landing with one of those, so I decided I'd go with helicopter. I have no idea how that could be done, but if I come up with anything, I'll let you know.

Well I'm working on getting my helicopter pilot's license so if you need a test pilot.....

Hello! Will it be possible to win if we are from Quebec or there will be an "except people from Quebec" like the Workshop of the future?

Can we enter previously published instructables (say, from a month or so ago)?

If you do that, it is normally expected that you update the project somehow and republish it.

To clarify: it's normally expected that you update/improve the idea and publish a new project that refers to the original one.


9 years ago

Sign... I so want it but I just KNOW I can't win...

Well... Says me. Cause i'm out of original ideas. I might upload one of "How to build a dog kennel" but I don't think it's anything special...

The contest hasn't started yet, so you've got time to think, and it will have a two month deadline, so you have time to build. As for Ponoko, they deal online and by post - it doesn't matter where you are, you can use the prize.

Hmm... I wonder if I can make an instructable about "How to win a EPilog laser cutter in the Epilog Challenge". Don't think that would be popular.

Well, could you be a runner-up?

When exactly does this contest start??? :D

I want a laser cutter so bad but I ain't going to win.

So you just build anything that has some type of green component in it?

Uh-oh. The magic words of "laser cutter" have been said, and all members are salivating. :) I'm really looking forward to looking at the entries. This will be sure to churn up some good ones.

yes, once i have that laser cutter then my quest for global domination will be almost complete, uuhh was that out loud,i get the loud parts and the quiet parts confused sometimes

I sure wish you could enter completeables...

I've been trying to get the materials to make a bike generator from one of the several excellent ibles on how to do that...maybe I could come up with my own twist on it.

maybe making it smaller, and attaching it to the pulleys / levers of a universal weight machine?

That'd be cool! I think I do want it to be a bike though.

You could charge batteries with a bicycle if you have a small electric generator attached. It would cut energy costs in the home!

An electric motor is a very ideal miniature electric generator. You might try starting with that.

Yeah, you'd have to make it so that each direction of the pulley would spin the generator in the same direction....not impossible, but it takes some doing. The bike would be easier. Rather then attaching it the easy way to the bike (the axle of a wheel), you could figure a way to use the outer edge of the wheel for maximum use of the motion of pedaling. Just a thought.

Interesting...that does give several ideas! Thanks. :)

LoL!! First time I had seen that term used in general context.... LMAO. Oh so funny indeed. ;)

That fact that a term I coined has made it to the topics. Thanks. Why don't you join 'compleatables'?

Haha. You're welcome. It's an awesome idea. Joined! I thought I already had...hmm. Strange.

So, how big is one of these laser cutters?

You can see one in action when GorillazMiko went to the old place and got his cell phone etched. It looks about the size of a big desktop copy machine for the smaller model.

EF YES!!!!!! *sets project into motion that he had been saving for months*

You'll have about 2 months from contest launch. ;)

Thankee ma'am!! *tips hat, dashes for laboratory and bolts door*

Seriously? That would be excellent. *stokes the steam engine and starts the gears turning* Hmmmm, what should I build????

o,0 i will def enter this one <3 thanks for motivating me


9 years ago

well I think i will give it a try laser cutter wow that will do the job

Is a bottle cap reused counted?
I don't think so...

Sure! The green aspect doesn't have to be huge - if you're creative you can probably come up with a way most of your previous projects have been a little bit "green." It's partially an excuse to be more green, partially an exercise in thinking through the things you already do and identifying the good decisions you're already making.

Great!I am going to mod my instructable right now.