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Equalizer Schematic Answered

is there a schematic or a compact way (some compact sound system without all of the cd players and radio and all of that other fancy stuff, my input is just a 3.5mm jack) of creating an equalizer like below? I just thought up a cool project, but no schematics on the internet...


I've seen tee shirts with that kind of display, animated, on the chest - maybe one of those could be a donor?

I got one of those. It stinks. It only did like 3 levels of sound and it broke after the SECOND hand-wash.

You could try making an LED VU meter. Those things are awesome.

but this is like 10x better. Just you wait for this instructable... It's gone be awesome


9 years ago

That's not an equalizer; that's just a display. (The "equalizer" part is the knobs that allow you to independently boost/reduce the level of each frequency band. Try a search for "audio spectrum display" instead. Fundamentally, it's pretty simple - a set of bandpass filters for each of the frequency ranges you're interested in, and a level display for each one using something like those lm3914s... (you can also search for "color organ", which should include the bandpass filters and a sort of one-step display...)

thanks, I'll check after school, cause I have no time right now