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Erector sets seemed to be played out? Answered

when I'm surfing the instructables of past times, i come across a plentiful bounty of k-nex and wonder, hmm, does anyone play with erector sets anymore, or is it because the surgeon general warns us of anything and everything, that might give you cancer in the state of california... erector sets are still one of the coolest building materials evar!


I agree. The youngin I am mentoring can hardly get enough of the things she can build with them. And man do she love to build.....I sure hope Instructables is still around in 5 years or so when she is old enough to get a membership for herself. Until then.....I will be feeding her as much as I can from here.

Erector set will never die i use them to build the bodies of my robots

Read "The Man Who Saved Christmas" I don't think Erector is played out. But it does require a lot more attention than some of the other manips. Vex and some of the other descendents of Erector demonstrate this. You can do some cool things with metal parts. -r

i think erector sets are cool, they give you the opertunity to build things like cars, helicopters and planes with great detail, and you can connect the peices any way you want to without breaking them. its also a great way to help children learn about this kind of stuff.

I haven't for a while, not since I started using "real" hardware. I still have a lot of parts, though...Maybe I'll build something in the morning...

Actually, a couple years ago I entered a competition in which I had to make a vehicle, powered by a rubber band, that would get as close as possible to the finish line without crossing it. We knew that the distance would be somewhere between 5m and 10m, but we weren't given the exact distance until ten minutes before the run. I built the frame out of aluminum L-channel, but I used Erector pieces for braces and as part of the stopping mechanism.

Oh, dear, I've forgotten where I put that car...I hope I didn't dismantle it...

coooool, it would be awesome to see a picture of your car if you still have it

Found it! It was up on a shelf where it wouldn't get stepped on. I've never actually run this in competition; that job always went to an idiotic $@% who managed to break it every time he touched it.

wheeled vehicle.jpg

Linkin Logs, Erector Sets... good times.

and dont forget tinker toys!

I was trying to remember the name of those! Man, I had a bunch!

I've always used Legos. Erector is kinda expensive...

I still do play with my lego, i just found a set of erectors in the attic

>Erector sets

What's that thing ??? (weird name !)

Oh, never mind : it's called Meccano here (which is a better name here, if you ask me ...)

... and Meccano was one of my favourite game when I was kid and teenager !

It's became rarer to find great sets in commercial centres nowadays ... most of the sets they sell are too much limited ... (and too much expensive).

which is a better name here, if you ask me ...


I wish i had one.....

. I still have mine from the 1960s. Some pieces are missing, but the metal "suitcase" is still around.