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Eric's Awesome Office Answered

Thanks to the Robot Art Contest Winners my previously boring office is now awesome!

Everyone who comes in is literally taken aback at all the robots, each of them ready to back me up in any tough decisions.

Check it out! Come visit, and bring more art!


Methinks these pictures need to be updated!


9 years ago

I like the batman one!

Haha, I just now read this - that one's mine. >Glows with pride

Looking great but you need a bigger office, freshen up the furniture and get a plant of some sort in there. Srsly, mate, it looks like a teenager lives there.

teenager? more like a robot or several to be more accurate

There's a plant on my desk, which is closer to the window. ;)

I see Robot and Hercules got there! Yay! Did the plushie make it?

Yes, but he's hanging out in the main area for everyone to enjoy.

Great, But you forgot to show us the expression on Instructables Robot tin face when he saw them all.

desk is a bit cluttered.. but hey, you got an awesome office!

Haha! True! (Have you seen Plasmana's workshop? very messy in there... :-) )

mine is worse. i have about the same amount of junk in half the space.

Oof, that is just too bad. That is one thing I really hate, lacking space to work on my projects... I often just shove my stuff to one place to get some space. :-) And my workshop is even more messy now, because I get a box of great electronic junk from some nice people in every few months...

*Does mind dump* (Blank)

No need to say that my desk is empty.

Your office looks really nice now!

Nice one! Its nice to see a DIY website doing so well.

Cool! I see one of mine...but I guess you opted not to put up the other Daisy Duke one. I understand.

By the way, i'm very disappointed in your lack of camera safety! On the edge, with the strap hanging off the side? tsk...tsk...tsk

I'm awed that there is only one wall wart plugged into the outlet. Any normal person would be overloading that outlet to the brink of failure with multiple daisy chained import power strips with random flickering neon pilot lights underrated for surge protection and filled with multitaps running various critical devices sensitive to current fluctuations.

I bet that one wall wart is powering Eric's custom built wireless inductive remote power distribution system. Any time he walks into his office his phone, pager, blackberry, bluetooth Borg ear appendage, automatic margarita mixer, all get charged up just by being in the room.

Your office looks Great! So many versions of the same robot, on one place! It must really lighten up your mood when you are surrounded by these colorful robots. :D

Awesome office.

well, that IS awesome!

haha love it! Nice set up btw.. Is that laptop stand not a bit of pain for getting in the way?

I spy the Robocard hanging up. Reckon he still talks to it?

yes he does, see how its closest to his desk! Just above his monitor.

Lots of robits...... and a wizard. haha.

Nice! I think a nice tux sticker will go nicely on the robot

Beautiful! One can never have too many robot minions!

Congratulations! Looks great :-)