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Errors in PDF Download Answered

I just created my first instructable. After publishing, I downloaded the PDF to proof read it as I am planning on using it for a class. I noticed an extra step as well as a couple changes I wanted to make in the instructions. I edited those, saved my corrections, and then re-downloaded the corrected PDF. The old errors are still showing up in the new download. How do you update the PDF file that is attached to the online instructable?



8 months ago

Hi there,

The pdfs are basically saved the first time someone requests to download them, in order to make the download faster for later users.

However, this results in the content being different if a author has made changes to their Instructable. I've gone ahead and cleared that initial version and redowloaded it, and the version I'm seeing now appears to match your Instructable at present. If you'd take a look and verify, you should be all set.

Good question!


Reply 8 months ago

Looks correct. Thank you for your prompt reply and fixing that. I will make sure I proof read more carefully online in the future.