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Etching a knife blade? Answered

I am concerning etching a knife blade, by using nail polish (or something) to cover the part of the blade I do not want etched and raw  muriatic acid to etch with.  Anyone got any suggestions or recommendations.




Look into electro-etching, sometimes called electro-chemical etching. The process involves an electrolyte (like salt water), a nine volt battery, and the metal.

For a cheap method, you can use mustard to etch a blade as shown in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfRO1GbvOvA and likely many other sources you can find on the internet

This looks do-able, and I will not be using more dangerous liquids. I think I will test it on some scrap material. Thanks

I am going to use a sawmill blade, so I guess it is probably 15N20