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Etching help? Answered

Hi! i need some help, i want to etch a PCB but i can't change colors, sort of i want to use the toner transfer method, so um, help me!



10 years ago

Quite a few different ways to do it... In the editor of your choice (Photoshop, GIMP, etc):

First, if that's the original, you'll have to manually remove the component silkscreen layer (black labeling) where it crosses the traces. As it overlays two different colors, there's not simply way to ditch that.

Or remove those lines/labels after the conversion, it might be easier.

Method 1)
-- Open a brightness/contrast tool.
-- slide the brighness down and contrast up until you get a high-contrast image.

Method 2)
-- Save as a GIF, choose Local (adaptive) Palatte, 4 colors, no dither (or any other index color palette that gets you a small # of colors.)
-- reload
-- go to Mode, Color Table. Click on a color you want to modify (like the grey) and change it to black. The whole image will change.

Method 3)
-- same as method two, just use Mode -> Index Color to convert the image.

No matter which method you use, try to maintain clean, 100% whites and blacks.

One edited you can also invert (make a negative) or flip, depending on the PCB transfer process you're using....