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Ethernet cable Answered

I have broadband. I'm trying to set up a second network. The first one has a modem and a router. My second network just has a router so far. Since I'm subscribing for the internet, can I make an ethernet to coax cable. What I want to do is take one end of an ethernet cable and one end of a coax cable and put together. Which wires do I put on? This is probably really confusing, but this is the best way I can describe it.


there is an older type of network that used coax. its called bnc network (10base2 is the real name). it works with any tv cable. you can probably find older network cards that have bnc output and hubs that have both modern ethernet and bnc - they can be used as converters. bnc cable is a hub by itself - to connect multiple computers you just splice them off the cable without any special devices

modern ethernet needs 4 wires to work. it works ok atleast for few meters if you use just 2 twisted pairs of thin wires (like the wires from phone cable). for longer distances you may need cable with shielding foil. i think coax cable cannot be used for ethernet cause it has only 1 wire inside

Why not just use ethernet to connect the second router to the first?

The first router is on the other side of the house. I don't want to do that anyway because I want to make a completly separate network.