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Ethics Question Answered

I need to do a quick survey for a class I'm taking, so consider this hypothetical situation:

You are living in an apartment with a roommate. This roommate always has some form of change, and usually drops it in a bowl on the top of their dresser. Over the course of the year, this amount has grown substantially large.
Today, while you can manage to get by, you are a bit short on cash. Your roommate is out, and you remember this bowl of change.

The question: Would you take any money out of this bowl, and most importantly, why?

If you could also tell me your gender (if you're comfortable with it) and approximate age (preteen, teen, 20's, etc.), that would be most appreciative (It's important to the survey).




male 25, If he was my confident friend then I would take some money and let tell him/her then after.

I am male, 28 years old by the way.

I am male, 28 years old by the way.

Depends on the situation. Am I late for work and need bus fare or something. What do mean short on cash? Do you mean broke or just don't have actual cash. Taking money that wasn't mine, that to me is either A.Stealing or B.It's just change it's not a big deal, next time I see my roomate I'll be like, "Hey, I borrowed 2 dollars from your change bucket, here it is back. how do you feel about the scenario roommate. Is this something it would be ok to do again in the future or what do you think." Taking money from someone's change stash when you think it's likely that they would object to you doing so would be a major crackhead move.


5 years ago

If I was close to my roommate I most definitely would! I would admit it though and later tell him.

Reason I would do it: if the bowl is just sitting there and I know I will replenish it later, why not? My roommate wouldn't mind bc I wouldn't if someone did it to me. Me being short on cash outweighs the bowl just sitting there collecting dust. Selfish? Perhaps, but I would be sure to own up to it and replenish the bowl.
(Male, 40s)

No - I'd ask them... I'm 23, Male and live in a house with four housemates. Money issues are easily shared since you know where they live...