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Evaporating Water Drops Answered

Ok, so I was using the Water Drop Paint effect iBle, but when I was done, I realized my plan had a big downfall - it's almost dark.

Is there a good way to evaporate the water drops without using wind, which would blow the drops around (i.e., blow dryer)?



jusr reading the title I got a grade idea for an instructable that suspends water in mid air using compressed air. Or use a hair dryer and watch it evaporat in mid air. Only problem is water drops are naturally pretty aerodynamic.

That would be hard... you'd need to find the terminal velocity of a drop of water! Good luck with that! Then again, it'd be cool to pour water down a tube with an updraft traveling at its terminal velocity.

Halogen desk lamp, held close?

Would that have any adverse effects on the fresh (but dry) spray paint?

Not a clue! Try it on a sacrificial piece to check.

Well, I figured I could always replace my muffs, as they were just cheap ones (that I found)! =D

It didn't seem to harm it, but I'll have to redo one side, as the effect was in-line with my other.

Thanks again!

Alright, I'll try it. Thanks!