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Ever came across this? Answered



For those that complain about the same ible.....try being creative; instead of being part of the problem, be part of the solution.....take the ible and make it better, bigger, smaller, or different in some way....insulated it against x-rays, or credit card readers....insulate it against Superman's Vision....something. Have you all lost your innovative spirit ?
*hops off of soapbox, and quickly carries it away*

Well, sure, but I've got a pile of paper wallets ten feet high. After 1,057 there's only so many ways to mod a paper wallet!!

Okay, not really. But paper wallets are boring.

OMG! I did not even notice that tiny text! Anyway, I read it and... Oh...

Then innovate! Instead of paper, use something else....metal, leather, coat hangers, milk jugs....you know....be creative :-)

I've never actually made the wallet. I always mean to but I'll normally get distracted. :P

Yeah, my usual first reactions is get frustrated, slam my laptop screen down, go into my shed and fiddle around with some of my high voltage stuff... Then come back a while later...

I like the paper wallet. Even though it isn't fun that I'bles is down for a few moments, paper wallet always brings a smile to my face.

The pure simplicity combined with its basic sleak nature, is absolute brilliance.

It is the basis and beginnings of a most prevalent modding movement, which I believe earns paper wallet its place.

Long live paper wallet!!

Note: no sarcasm intended what so ever.

At least it's something to do while it's down. Not this:


It's the fail whale. Twitter uses it every time they crash. It appears, alot....



9 years ago

I've never seen that myself before, but that has to be the coolest error type page I've ever seen.

You may see it one day...

Yea... Why can't they just have a different server so Instructables is never down, or arlaest change it so something more challenging...

How 'bout switching to another ible? So we have something else to do...

infact my wednesday ible might be the perfect one!

Yes, i came across it while you were all sleeping before they updated the website! And again this morning, im guessing they were ironing out the creases.

The actual wallet it give instructions for are this one https://www.instructables.com/id/Paper-Wallet/

Oh I suppose I was doing stuff so I wasn't paying attention to time...

. That page seems to crop up whenever the server is down for site upgrades, maintenance, &c.; Every time I've seen it, there is a new look to the site in a few minutes.