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Ever had an I'ble just NOT go right? Answered

Well, The other night I set out to make two trays of treats for my work collegues on Christmas Eve... I then had a GREAT idea to turn them into I'bles

The peppermint Snowmen went great without any major unfixable hiccups... My candy Cane Fudge however *sigh* *face palm*

I deceided to make my Christmas treats into I'bles and Entries into the Christmas Gifts contest...So as I 'baked' I snapped away on my camera. Everything was going well until I was knocked by my dogs whilst adding the food colouring, so that it looked like a rainbow had vomited into my mix... then to add insult to injury, I dropped the cooling mixture on the way to the refridgerator.... Luckily I cought my camera... but the fudge was... well.. beyond repair.

What I wan't to know, is if you have ever had a disasterous I'ble attempt, and have you posted it?




Ahhhh, don't worry, we always blame it on the dog too. < snicker >


.  When I got up this morning I only had two nerves working. I'll be danged if you didn't manage to get on both of them.

Now you see what smokin' in the little boys room will do to ya.

hehehe, this time It REALLY was them... Well the dropping of it was all me being a fool... but atleast I cought my camera

One of my first instructables ended with me frying my beloved Fuji S5600, that was a great camera.

I've had dozens and dozens of failed projects, the supersaturated solution phase transform lamp would have been awesome, if it hadn't exploded.

deep fried camera... nice...

Luckily my Fudge didn't explode ;)

Who did you blame your misfortune on?

The one corner of my Workplace is devoted to failed electronic projects (like trying to make the annoy-a-tron on my own, BEFORE they fixed the schematics...grrr). etc.

I want a workshop, my parents have re-claimed the shed... The garage is full of junk, so all I have got is my room, and the back yard... hehe

I only have half a SMALL room (standing in the doorway, I can lean over and reach each of the two far walls, with a meter stick.

Yeah, well when enough of it survives to post... I've had a couple go rather on fire...

Yep, and a couple that just failed... The whiskey drive was a simple fail...

hehehe have just had a read of it, I think my favourite line was:

"That's exactly where it went from wrong to banjaxed..."


hehehe neat... I also have a parrot... who enjoys chewing the cardboard when i make props

I never could get my Kelvin's Thunderstorm to work, and them somebody beat me to it anyway.

Did you blame that one one a dog/cat/goldfish/shed?

Definitely on the shed. Old wood is too good a conductor of electricity.

Actually, that could have been the problem!

Well, I bet you wouldn't be without it hehe