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Ever saved a guys life?? Answered

Well have you? I did write a big long thing about the four times I have, but me computer crashed so I can't be arsed to type it out again. Anyway the other day at work, I'm a bin man(garbage man)by the way, me and another crewmen were working on the back of the dust cart when my bin came back down so I turned to put it back on the curb, as I did my mate still had his back to the traffic, I saw a big nasty van screeching towards us, so I grabbed him by his neck/face and dived on the grass verge, narrowly missing getting squashed to death by two pieces of machinery, which smashed together quite horrifically. Theirs no doubt that if I was stood were I was I wouldn't be typing this now. Anyone else had something like this? I had a load of pyro stories but as I said I can't be arsed to type um out again.


I did save my own life or rather my bladder saved my life, I was sitting inside at school and got out of my chair to go to the toilet, when I came back a large amount of glass from the skylight above had fallen right down where I was sitting. That glass could have seriously injured or hurt me =P. I have also saved my friend from being attacked by a dog, we were walking home and this dog came chasing after us, growling and barking, we ran of course, but my mate tripped and this dog bit his arm, I grabbed my school bag and hit it on the head a couple of times and knocked the thing out.

Large, stainless steel, half inch thick top of a covered walkway.
High winds.
Very high winds.
Anyway, it blew up over us and was about to hit some year 7's. Without thinking, i grabbed them and pulled them back just as it landed in front of them.

We were walking under a covered way in amazing winds (the highest I'd ever experienced). I noticed that the top was flapping about, and it fell down. Bear in mind this was, I soon learned, stainless steel and about half an inch thick, not to mention that it was over a meter wide and a couple long.
Anyway, this gave way and was about to fall on me and my friend. He  didn't notice. I grabbed him and pulled him away.

It probably wouldn't have killed either of us, but if it had hit us hard enough then we would definitely be injured.

go to carnegieheros.com it is an amazing site and my dad has won a medal

my dad is Gerald Carbone

(no one calls him gerald, its jerry)

That's a brave father you have, credit to him.


 thankyou, ps im named after the guy he saved

-Kevin Carbone

my dad is Gerald Carbone
(no one calls him gerald, its jerry) 

click lemonies link to the site and type in his name is Gerald carbone

No I have not, but good job.
(pats on back)

I've done it three times. It's kind of adrenaline and reflexes, but after the adrenaline wears off, I always feel kind of sick. The first time, I pulled a lasy out of a ditch who'd been stabbed (at least) seven times. When I rolled her over, it looked like part of her liver fell out, but it must've been a clot. Her chest was spewing blood with every heartbeat. I put pressure on it and sent my friend for the truck. We put her in the back, maintaining pressure, and rushed her to hospital. Second time, I found an OD'd girl unconscious and carried her to the car. I blew through every stoplight, and hit 70 in a 35 zone. The docs said if we'd waited for an ambulance, she wouldn't have made it, or would've had permanent liver damage. The last time I saw some airport security guards that I thought were wrestling a drunk out of his car. It turned out to be a heart attack victim. I started CPR until another guy brought the AED. After a lot of pump-and blow, and a couple of shocks, he came back around. When the ambulance arrived I got in my car and left without ever giving my name. It turns out he actually made it. I recieved a reward, several months later, because someone had seen what I did. Someone recognized the company car I'd been driving, and tracked me down through my boss.

we called in a drunk driver yesterday. he was driving about 15 miles an hour with his doors open on the main highway in town. he drove into the KFC, we called him in, then he took off again, slowly, AGAINST TRAFFIC, nearly hitting 4 cars. You could see that he had just been in a crash(messed up front end and busted window). It tooks the cops a while. They didnt even seem to be in a hurry. it took them 5+ minutes, and we saw one on duty one less than a minute away. And we called twice. luckily my uncle is second in command here at the county sherrif's department. we think we're going to mention the long response time to him. That could've been someone's life.

Fairly often, if you count takethatoutofyourmouthrightnow!

No, but I am certified to save lives. I am CPR/AED certified, along with Lifeguard and First Aid certified.

Brenn, I have been looking to get those exact certifications! Where did you get yours?

I actually got lucky. My friend's mom sent my brother and I an email about an opportunity to become certified, and then have a lifeguarding job for the rest of the summer. I was certified at a woman's home who is a certified instructor. I

I would recommend contacting a hospital for any openings anywhere for a course, or I found this American Red Cross site where you can put your zip code in and possibly find some course openings in your area.

Thanks. I tried the Red Cross, but can't find anything that isn't an hour or more away...it might be worth it anyway though. :)

well, just a thought here, what about times that you accidently saved someone by keeping them out of that situation by preventing them from getting in that area. Hard to explain for me... example: you just got hired (first day) at a factory of potential explosiveness, on your way to work you stop at Mcdonalds for breakfast(cause your kinda hungry). Guy in front of you in line takes forever. Once you get outta there you get caught in a traffic jam. Causes you to be late on your first day. Good thing you were late you get there factorys exploded. Take-forever guy saved your life. (just to avoid any morality comments: everyone else was late too) (also the events depicted in this story are not intentionally based on anything. any relations at all are complete "coincidences")

does quoting from the HV safety bible count?

i have also performed exorcisem................................ On virus infected computers

About 3 -4 times a week, but usually they get mad at me afterwards ummm....twice I can remember as a casino security guard where they were actually happy I saved there life..... but those were just heart attacks and umm once as a citizen....... ran into a burning apartment building any other time was just a work related consequence of doing my job

No... Municipal....... thought about RCMP originally, but there is something about the idea of spending a couple years in nunavuit or alert that didn't sit to well with me

lol..... ya I was gonna make him wear a municipal uniform........ but there pretty generic....... figured the RCMP diggs would also point out natonality


10 years ago

When I was a police officer, I count all the DWIs I arrested as saved lives as well as the drunks walking down the middles of the road.

Quite the opposite. Couldn't saved a life. Once saw a woman got ran over from behind by her own, driver-less car that she just parked. It's a slight decline and apparently the handbrake snapped, and the car started to move towards her as she was walking away. Myself and 3 other guys saw the whole thing from afar, and it happened so quick. The front tire had ran over her face, twisting her head to the back snapping her neck. She was still twitching and hissing with her head underneath the tire. But by the time we managed to lift the car up, she's gone. The skull squashed, hands twisted, face facing backward. I was so disturbed by the incident, I couldn't work, sleep for the next couple of days. I keep telling myself that theres nothing much anyone can do in that circumstance. She could have, should have, would have, but I guess when it's your time, it's your time..An odd way to "go"..

Mmm, no. Never have. No super manly heroic stories for me. :(

Wonder woman saved lives, and she wasn't "manly" LOL

I called the ambulance when my brother hit his head on the pointy corner of a stool. And he had to get 12 stiches. But Ive endangered my self more than 1000 times. I have nearly been run over by a truck, I got my foot stuck in the elevator door, I put water in burning oil,not to mention drowning,.............. If I told you every time I almost died or seriously got injured I would fill the instructables servers

i broke my bros femur bone and he needed a full body cast. lol

I got a mooring line wrapped around my waist as I was helping to undock a boat. The boat stopped just in time.

As the boat pulled away, the rope got tighter. It would have: A) Pulled me in B) Cut me in half.

That must have been scary. I probably would have started screaming. Once at Sunbanks someone fell off the front of the party boat.

Once at Sunbanks...


serious?....... weird....... just kinda figured....... not sure why........ guess I just assumed........ which is sexist of me....... but what can I say...... sorry well then.... Her name is a place

Mayde because there are so many guys on here? Anyway, that's ok, you didn't know.

The majority of the community is male, but there are plenty of fems also. (you, jessyratfink, leahculver, canida, etc.)