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Everlasting Easter eggs tips? Answered

We don't eat much eggs in this house hold let alone boiled eggs so it would be a waste to just make, colour and then eventually throw out those Easter eggs after words. But I still want to have some coloured Easter eggs to make a cheery atmosphere. Colouring raw eggs is not practical either.  So I was thinking taking eggs that I would use to make cakes est and instead of just cracking I would just make a small hole on one end to let the yoke out in the process preserving the egg shells.
Now with those egg shells, can I pour in Plaster of Paris to replace the yokes that were in them? So I can get a sort of real egg feeling?
Then colouring them when dry?

What do you think?


Ooo nice thanks a bunch.
Now can I treat them like regular boiled eggs by say using traditional colouring methods and or the onion skin colouring method?
Thanks in advance. :)

Once the plaster sets or gets hard I think they will survive the dunk in the dye bath. You could just rub some oil or wax on the exposed plaster end if you are worrried about it getting wet. Just color like any hard boiled egg. Do an ible on it.

Cool. Thanks. I guess I could. But it will be awhile though. Since I first have to collect a few egg shells. I tried to the other day when I was making a cake but the holes on the eggs cracked too much since I guess the tool I was using wasn't sharp enough. Got to look for a non toxic sharp tool. Can't use a nail since those have dirty metals and you never know.

Sure, make the plaster of paris extra runny so you can pour it in the small hole. Leave a little room for expansion that you can top off later if you want. Plaster cures so the eggs will get warm and may get some hairline cracks. Use disposable containers so you can just get rid of the buckets and never clean up in the sink or else it messes up your plumbing. The "teeth" here are plaster-filled eggs. They do turn out weighing like small rocks.