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Every Time I Turn On My Nintendo Gamecube It Always Works Fine For 2 Minutes Then Stops Reading Any Disk I Put In It? Answered

Every time I turn on my Nintendo Gamecube it always works fine for 2 minutes then stops reading any disk I put in it so I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix it. I think it might be because it is overheating but I am not sure.


Nintendo still fixes Gamecubes, if you go to their site and find the support part of the site, they might fix it if you still have the serial code on the bottom, but since the console maybe out of warranty, you'll need to pay about $50 plus i think shipping.

Try what the guy said below plus cleaning the laser with a laser cleaning kit.

Try cleaning the dust out of the fan and airways. It may be a powersupply issue. If a cap or something is heating up it may be turning off the bit of powersupply that the disk depends on. That's going to be harder to figure out. The laser may be overheating.