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Everybody else seems to be doing it, so... Answered

...I will too.

I just noticed that I have hit 20,001 comments.

It seems that mhkabir has the privilege (?) of my actual 20,000th comment.

That is all - you may now return to your normal browsing.


Man I freaking love James Mason, what a great actor.

That's not leading to a specific video, am I to enjoy Izzard, or should I find a Mason routine in there? L

Oh. Sorry. Yeah, Eddie Izzard does a routine where he remarks that James Mason should have a part in a movie about God, because his voice is so full of character. It becomes a running gag sort of.

I found it in the end, yes he's right (Yorkshire God...) L

Wait, your comment counter on your profile says you have 16,049 comments. Where is your stat coming from?

Why isn't this showing up on the last post thing?

Well, I wouldn't say everyone is doing it ;-)

20,000 comments, thats pretty impressive. More impressive is that elsewhere on this site, Kiteman took on Chuck Norris, and he won, he won big time. Chuck Norris is laying burnt and battered 20,000 leagues under the sea right now.

Can you point me to that? L

Not as interesting as I'd expected, but thanks. Never seen anything with Chuck in it, but I've always thought that he probably isn't worth watching? L

I'm not even at 1,500 comments. one-thousand, four hundred something.

you should give him a 20000 leagues patch!


8 years ago

29,999 comments to go before you are allowed to post again. :P